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UH-OH by Cosmo Duck

We received this week a copy of the one card game Uh Oh! Yes that’s right you heard that correctly a one card game.

We were eager to receive the package as we couldn’t understand how you could have a one card game. We were definitely intrigued to find out more.

This week, in our letter box was a small envelope. We opened it carefully to find a set of instructions and one double sided card. A cute bomb on either side, one which says Uh oh and one that says Yay!

Didn’t seem like much but on reading the instructions and the thought behind it, we absolutely love what Cosmo Duck are trying to do with Uh oh!

Essentially when you are buying Uh Oh, you are buying the intellectual property of the author. You are paying for his idea and rewarding the creator of this game. Sure you could play with any item you choose but Cosmo Duck don’t think the world is ready to pay for just ideas right now but we love the idea that authors get paid for their ideas even if the game doesn’t have any components.

At this point in the review we would usually explain the rules and how the game plays but based on the fact that you are paying for the instructions of the game, we don’t think it would be fair to spoil too much. What we can say is that it’s a great party game, one that can be played in any location with any number of players. You don’t even have to have the card with you and we reckon once you start playing it’s one you will pull out again and again. Check it out and support this out of the box idea from Cosmo Duck!

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