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Tiny Epic Dungeons from Gamelyn games

‘The Goblin’s Coast is under siege by an evil that lurks in the nearby hills. A heroes’ call is sent out for a party of adventurers to cleanse the region of corruption. Delve deep into the dungeon to clear the catacombs of vile minions, evade magical traps and defeat the evil’s source. But time is of the essence! Your heroes must move quickly through the ever-dimming corridors and complete their quest before the darkness consumes them… and envelops the world completely!

3 words to describe this game: heroes, dungeons, goblins

Gameplay: ‘Tiny Epic Dungeons is a cooperative game split into two acts. In both acts, your heroes struggle against the waning torchlight as it decreases each turn. When the torch goes out, the heroes are forever lost in the darkness. In Act 1, explore the dungeon, fight enemies, and evade traps in your quest to find the boss’s lair. In Act 2, engage in an epic battle against the boss. Can you brace the dungeon and overcome the boss’s fury?’


◦ 8 hero miniatures - super cool miniatures for the different heroes in the game. These are plastic minis but fantastic detail and design

◦ 8 hero mats - these denote any specific traits of skills your character has, starting health and focus etc. The artwork is fabulous and it’s really clear to understand your character

◦ 1 torch mat and 1 torch marker - this is used to keep track of the time in the game and tell you when the goblins move or attack

◦ 28 dungeon cards - all have different elements to discover from goblin encounters, minion encounters to traps

◦ 26 loot cards - armour and weapons you can pick up to upgrade your character

◦ 14 spells cards - again things you can earn or pick up in the dungeon that will increase the abilities of your hero

◦ 6 goblin cards - which provide the stats for the goblins you encounter

◦ 8 minion cards - provide the stats for the minions you encounter

◦ 6 boss mats - you turn these over when you enter the boss’s lair and they act as a large room themselves where more than one hero can be placed to attack the boss

◦ 4 goblin tokens - wooden tokens printed both sides

◦ 8 minion tokens - wooden tokens printed both sides

◦ 1 boss token - wooden token

◦ 3 hero dice and 1 enemy die - you use these dice to roll for skill checks according to your character, the enemy die is obviously not for you and is what is used for enemy rolls

◦ 12 health and focus markers (four of each, one for each player, wooden and used to keep track of health and focus of your players)

◦ 7 disarm markers - wooden tokens to demarcate traps that have been disarmed

◦ 5 altar markers - placed on the minion encounter cards in the dungeon

Overall thoughts:

How Gamelyn games manage to get so much game in such a small box always amazes me and as you open the box, you are met with great quality components which have clearly been well thought about. It always make me happy to unbox one of these games because I know they are going to be stunning as well as all the other things they propose to be. There is a Tiny Epic game for everyone. We’ve played Pirates and Dinosaurs now and this is our third experience of a Tiny Epic game. I think I would say this is the most technical of the ones we have tried and the symbology was initially a little confusing. Despite there being a quick guide, we still found we were looking each turn at what the symbols meant. This did affect the flow of the game at first but this is something that I think you get to grips with the more you play. I would say this is probably more tailored to people who have played dungeon crawlers before and understand how these sort of games work as the instructions can be a little overwhelming at first glance. It is quite intuitative when you get into it but it’s one to bear with rather than an instant hit. I love the way this one looks and the artwork is great. Took us a while to get into but given that our other dungeon crawlers are in huge boxes; it’s a novelty to have one that’s travel size that you can take places and enjoy with friends.

thank you to Gamelyn games for sending this copy for review

all thoughts and opinions are my own.

if this sounds like something you may enjoy head over to

and grab a copy.

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