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P is for Pizza By big potato games

The Easy Cheesy Letter Game

from Big Potato Games

‘Think of a word that connects the letter to the category, then shout it out before anyone else. The speediest player wins the slice.’


120 pizza cards

1 rule sheet

1 sticker sheet

First things first, not entirely sure on the usefulness of the stickers. Sure they are cute but for a grown adult probably the least useful element in the box!

The pizza cards are double sided! On one side there are colour coded categories: green is easy, yellow is medium and red is hard. On the reverse are three letters. These will be the corresponding letters for the categories that come up. The cards are of a good quality and feel nice in your hand, they separate really easily and are easy to manipulate on the table.

Game play

This game is a great party game for 2-4 players. You place a pile of category cards face up in the middle of the table with 3 of the flip side letter slices around the outside. Take the first card and remove it and then it’s a race against the other players to shout out an answer that matches the letter and category. As simple as that. You need to collect nine slices making up your giant pizza slice! You need 5 cards at the bottom, 3 in the middle and 1 at the top. To add an extra layer of detail, if you answer an easy question, it can only go in the bottom layer, medium the middle or bottom layer and hard any layer of your pizza slice! You could adapt the rules to make it harder or easier for the players who are playing. For example, we played with our 6 year old and she was able to play with just the easy categories! It’s really easy to adapt to the needs of the group and fab fun for any age group.

Overall thoughts

Such a simple game which has a really nice theme making it fun for young and old. A good one to bring out if you need to inject some life into your games night or just need to mix it up for a few minutes. Short and sweet but fun for all ages and easily adapted to make it accessible for all.

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